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insatiably curious!
Photo: @ffstop (source: Unsplash)

I was restless! I was relentlessly restless until I found Wavebox yesterday.

On average, I spend over 70% of my day in front of a desktop computer. Internet browser and an enormous number of web applications are always open on my computer. Using the minimal window management systems provided by Windows and macOS and not-so-organizable chromium-based browsers, I always found myself looking for some new tool that relieves me of the pain of using a Desktop. (I have a Mac mini and a Surface Pro).

It’s been a year since I started looking out and I didn’t find any application…

The Human Input — Output project (Part 1 : Data Collection)

Cover by Author (Illustration: Goostudiominsk)

Last Sept, I joined a part-time job at ASU (my grad school) which mandated me to play with data. That’s when I started dipping my feet into the ocean of data science. I started small by learning Microsoft Excel and playing with pivot tables. Soon enough, I found myself applying the learning for my daily life and research. As time went by in the past one year, I dived deeper into data science and later into machine learning. …

Ramu, a resident of the village by name Krishnapalem, is now working as a clerk in a corporate office. He studied at his local village school run by the Government of India. Kiran, who is a good friend of Ramu attended a private school in the nearby town. He is now working as a pseudo software engineer (testing engineer) at a software consulting company. Despite the economic inequality of their families, these previous students had one thing in common. Both the schools they attended are not equipped with a library.

67% of India stills lives in rural areas. And, the…

The festival ‘Sankranthi’ brings a lot of colours and kites to the villages in India. One cannot find a child who is unenthusiastic about flying kites. Just like any other kid, I used to wait for the arrival of the kites at local shops during our winter school break.

The kite flying ritual

But, there is a twist in the way we manoeuvred kites. We neither had fellow kites to defeat nor competitive kite flyers to mock at. This is because of our kite flying ritual defined by our father. He used to take us to our secluded farmland for kite flying. He would…

Aravind Samala

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