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Finally, this is how I found peace with my Desktop

I was restless! I was relentlessly restless until I found Wavebox yesterday.

On average, I spend over 70% of my day in front of a desktop computer. Internet browser and an enormous number of web applications are always open on my computer. Using the minimal window management systems provided by Windows and macOS and not-so-organizable chromium-based browsers, I always found myself looking for some new tool that relieves me of the pain of using a Desktop. (I have a Mac mini and a Surface Pro).

It’s been a year since I started looking out and I didn’t find any application that solves the problem. Many tiny tools on macOS relieved me from the pain of organizing the desktop, but none of them addressed the elephant in the room. I use a combination of Workspaces, Slidepad, Magnet, and Coherence on my mac.

In my pursuit, I tried Shift, Rambox, Basaas, Franz, Station, Workona and numerous other apps/extensions. Shift is the application that got closest to what I had in my mind. But, working with shift is a pain as it was built using electron and it hijacks our computer’s resources leaving us with a very low performing computer. There are other drawbacks to Shift, including limited extensions, cluttered browser tabs, a space-consuming sidebar, and slower performance.

After rigorous searching (I don’t know why Wavebox didn’t show up anywhere), I have decided to build a workspace browser application myself. But, I don’t want to use electron to achieve this task. Very recently, I took the courage to start a project using Chromium despite reading online suggestions, not to venture into time-consuming browser development. But, the problem was real.

Yesterday, while I was showing some appreciation to the development teams of all the products I love, I bumped into Wavebox on Product hunt while I am reading comments on Slidepad. That was it. Chromium + app groups + web apps + session management + pins + ultra-slim sidebar :) + all chrome extensions + sleep mode 💤 + workspaces and workflows + the list goes on… This is more than perfect and I couldn’t imagine myself building such a powerful beast (at least, not in a year).

Thanks, Wavebox team for bringing this to life. Please approve my student discount quickly😉!

P.S: Other web applications which I fell in love with at the first sight include Notion, Miro, ClickUp, Figma, Discord.

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